About Us

Welcome to The Southern Homemaker online store! We strive to find good quality products at affordable prices. This store idea came to me after weeks of praying, applying for jobs, and still coming up short. Kinda funny how that happens, when everyone is experiencing an employee shortage. I felt led in my heart to find out a way to stay home with my boys, but also help lighten the financial burden my husband so willingly carries around. We enjoy helping people, so anything I can add to the store to "make life a little easier" will always be my top priority - especially for us stay at home wives and moms! My favorite words to live by, and will remain the same.. "Let go, and let God" and that's exactly what I've done here. I hope we can be a blessing to many through our work, blogs, and devotionals. Stay tuned for more exciting things to follow! 

*This is a drop shipping store, which means products are not typically kept on hand. We are always open to suggestions for products or anything else you may feel led to share; just send us an email!*